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My First Night Out in Melbourne

My Luck Takes a Turn for the Better

Last night was the craziest and most adventurous night I have ever had. I abandoned me insecurities and fears and was rewarded for my courage. The day itself was uneventful, but by 8:00 PM I decided that I was going to go out and I was going to meet some people. Sas dropped me off at the train station and after buying my ticket I made conversation with the only other person on the platform at the time. His name was Reese and we talked the whole train ride (35 minutes long) into the Central Business District. Once we arrived I tagged along with him quite a ways into China Town, he had free drink cards for a bar called Roxanne's. However, once we got there the line was so long I decided to go my own way; despite the fact that Reese was going to wait in the line to meet his friends inside. I guess I could have stayed, but although Reese was nice enough he dressed kind of strange and seemed like a raver or something. I figured I could find people with more parallel interests to my own. Walking down Swanston Street, which has all the pubs and clubs, you are amazed by the diversity of the people around you. Never before have I seen such a melting pot of people. I had a beer at Young and Jackson's Pub which was nice, but full of older people so I left and after a while of walking up and down the street I was about ready to give up. While the people are nice in Melbourne they are a bit unapproachable or seem to be at least. I was heading to take the train back after only an hour in the CBD when my luck made a one eighty. It began to sprinkle a bit while I was at a stop light when all of the sudden a jacket appeared over my head like an umbrella and I had two beautiful girls around each arm. They introduced themselves as Kathleen, Meagan, Polly, and Jade. We talked briefly as we waited for the light to cross and they loved my accent and thought I was cute. They invited me to go with them to a club called Code Red and I was relieved that my luck had changed. When we got to the club the line was huge and I thought we were going to have to wait for at least an hour, but with the girls as my entourage we walked up to the doorman and they convinced him we were all on the guest list and let us in ahead of the line. With the eyes of at least thirty jealous guys on me as I walked in with these gorgeous girls I felt like the fucking man. We drank, we danced, and hung out in the smokers area. I met lots of other girls, but I didn't get any phone numbers or anything, more notably I met Jax and Sam. Jax and Sam were very gay and very much friends with the girls. Where I come from there are not many gay men at all so this was all a bit shocking, but I don't judge so we all hit it off fine. They were pretty cool and danced with the girls and I. Eventually they decided they wanted to go to a gay club and the girls wanted to as well. This was completely taboo for me, but the girls assured me it would be fun so I reluctantly agreed. What was I supposed to do, lose the only friends I had in the whole city? We all piled into a taxi, but then they noticed we had left one girl in the bathroom and in an instant the three girls hopped out of the taxi and said they would be there right behind us. I got stuck in the taxi since I was gazing at the beautiful cityscape through the window. I had never seen buildings of such magnitude and so I ended up heading to the gay club with Jax and Sam...perfect. Jax and Sam just told me that if any guys tried dancing with me or something to say either of them were my boyfriend and they would play along but not dance with me either so I felt a bit better. Once we got there and went inside it was unbelievable, I have never seen so many gay people before. It was like a Village People's concert, one could not look in any direction without seeing men dancing, kissing, and embracing. The girls were supposed to arrive any minute, but then one of the girls had an issue with her mom or something and they were not coming. Jax and Sam went back in, but I told them to have fun and I stayed outside and started to walk back towards the CBD. My misadventure at The Peel wasn't all bad I guess and I certainly don't regret it. I had never been exposed to gay culture like that, but I think now I might be more comfortable with their lifestyle and being around them. Although I'll be damned if I end up back there without girls and I know that never in my life will I ever question my sexuality. I walked towards the CBD for a long time and ended up walking through a beautiful park. In the center was the Melbourne Art Museum near the National Exhibition. It is an enormous piece of elegant architecture and it has the look of a cathedral. Walking through the park I was shocked to see huge fruit bats swooping over my head chirping away. I accepted the fact I was completely lost and took a taxi back to the CBD train station near Federation Square. It was about 3:30 AM and I found the night rider stop that headed back to my neighborhood. If you take the train into the city you can save your ticket and ride the night rider bus for free and it will take you back to your neighborhood. The problem was that I lost my train ticket accidentally so when the nightrider came I snuck on. I don't know how the driver did not notice but when we started moving I knew I was home free! It was very difficult to figure out where I was and how far away from home I was since I had been drinking and I didn't recognize any landmarks or streets or anything. After a while another guy got off near the first landmark I recognized so I decided I'd hop off too. Turns out he lives right by me and I walked with him almost the whole way to my house. His name was Andy and he was a cool guy, I told him the very same story you've just read and he found it pretty entertaining! We exchanged numbers as well and I headed home. That night I fell asleep feeling accomplished and thrilled that I had met eight new people. Life is good.

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First Day in Melbourne

There's nothing more exciting than waking up in a new city. You feel adventurous, refreshed, and ready to conquer. That's how I felt at least until I went shopping to get a cell phone and some clothes hangers. I guess I made it to the shopping centre without too much trouble and once I got there I found a mall bigger than the one we had back home. It was exciting walking around and seeing all the new things, but as I left the mall and as I got to the main street I saw lots of kids in uniforms. School must have gotten out and they were around my age maybe a bit younger, I did just turn eighteen after all. Seeing them made me feel so isolated, and lonely. I asked someone the time just to make sure I was still able to speak and had not gone mute! It hit me like a bat to the head, I was completely alone. Perhaps it was the fact that I have never lived autonomously. I had always had my parents to provide for me, but now the pressure was on. I have my savings and its my job to make a life for myself here or starvation. While contemplating these feelings I got lost for two hours after I took the wrong bus god knows where, but I finally made it home. It hurt to think about, I had no friends or family within many thousands of miles! I guess I had my room mate who is incredibly nice and friendly, but in reality she is fifty five years old and she would not be able to help me with this situation. I thought about going to the bar alone to try and mingle, but I think I'll just fall asleep. How am I supposed to meet new people in a new city? I think I'll look for a gym tomorrow to try and find some people with common interests. It's depressing, to have nothing to do and know one to join you. It's taken a number to my self esteem and self confidence, not to mention the fact that my face is having a hard time acclimating to the humidity and I have a little bit of acne. I miss my friends and I miss my clear face, but tomorrow is another day and I guess I'll just have to regain my strength tonight. Since this is a transitional phase, I will blog about the day tomorrow as well. There's nothing more terrifying than a new city.

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The boring tale and review of flying for 40ish hours

This is just to catch you up from the start of my journey

It's 4:34 AM and I'm sitting at my land ladies computer writing while listening to the rain and wildlife outside. I don't know why I am up this early. It could be the fact that my body clock is still fucked up. Don't excuse the language, keep in mind this is my journal. It all feels surreal even after my first full day here. I mean it seemed real and I felt sad leaving my home town for LA because I realized I did not know when I would see my family again. After I arrived to LAX I had a ten hour layover ahead of me and it was torture. I bought some WiFi (Yeah, the WiFi ain't free. It costs eight bucks for a full day) and I was probably only on the computer for three or four hours over the course of the layover since there's really only so much you can do on the computer. Finally the layover was over and I boarded a Cathay Pacific plane, it would be fifteen hours until we arrived in Hong Kong. I chose Cathay Pacific because they were the cheapest airline and I needed to save money. Overall I would say I enjoyed their service, they had TV's in front of each seat that you could watch movies, TV shows, and play games on which was nice. The flight attendants were a bit rude at times and seemed to be rushing around, but maybe I was just a bit irritable from the layover and flight. The food was okay too even though I got some Jewish man's kosher meal (It was disgusting and bland, except the bean mash or whatever it was I ate). After fifteen hours we landed in Hong Kong and I had another four hour layover ahead of me. I liked Hong Kong's airport a lot more despite the fact that it was on an island, which I thought was kind of weird. It was very vibrant and there were friendly people everywhere. After exploring a bit I used my debit card to pull out two hundred Hong Kong dollars which is about 29 dollars give or take American. With that I was able to buy some breakfast, some chocolates for my next flight, and my first legal alcoholic beverage! I guess there is no drinking age in China which was cool, even though I can drink here in Australia anyway. In the Hong Kong airport there is free WiFi. The flight to Melbourne was not nearly as bad, but customs sure was. They took away the bag of beef jerky my father had made for me and it seemed to have taken forever. When I got out I met my new land lady and room mate. We'll call her, Sas. I had never seen a picture of Sas before, just pictures of her house and my room so I had pictured her face a hundred different ways. Once I saw her, she seemed nice and she kind of looks like an old math teacher I used to have. We got the her car and of course I tried to enter the driver's side which made her laugh. Once we arrived home we spoke for a bit and I went to bed. After roughly 40 hours of travelling, its hard to believe just how comfortable it is to lie down in a cosy bed. I fell asleep and dreamed of what my next day would be like.


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